They met in the deepest darkest abyss that is subconscious. She wanders over hazy-eyed, déjà vu becomes her only nature. She wants to speak – there are no words. Only a knowing smile that says: thank you for being awake.

(Eyes open)



Green dreams

Paper schemes

Opaque souls

Contempt and woe

Sad smiles

Wicked trials

Dragging heels

Sick wheels

Neglected homes

iPhone drones

Happy pills

Cheap thrills

Dating sites

How many ‘likes’?

Zero likes?!


Minimum wage

Road rage


Zombie drive

Plastic love

Knock the living day lights out of


Back to the sanctity of dreamworld she goes, there the purest of light meets them in the dark depths of their psyche. Real always knew real, even when fake was around.